by Arthur Hibbert 2019

The Southern Cross Landscapes

An Alternative National Flag for Australia

People generally associate national flags with nationalism and right- or left-wing party politics, however my primary concern is with Australian culture.

The Australian national flag is a British colonial design with the Union Jack displayed in the canton or advance position, signifying the dominant British Empire and the Southern Cross is displayed on the fly or retarded position representing the colony.

This image is demeaning and clearly anachronistic in the twenty first century. Australia is a mature multicultural nation of 25 million.

On the third of March 1988 the Australia Act came into being signed by Queen Elizabeth II at the opening of the new parliament. This Act made Australia a legally independent sovereign nation.

We should reflect this status by adopting an appropriate national flag design. Our sovereignty is shared by the original inhabitancies of the land who own or have control of 40% of Australia’s land mass.

So, the natural logic is to include an indigenous cultural emblem in a new design signifying the reconciliation process. The vast flat Australian landscape is also another unique and cherished Australian image, which should be included. The green and gold colours are popular and relate to Australian flora, sporting colours and the landscape. Finally, there is the historical Southern Cross or “Crux Australis” Australia’s name sake which is part of the night sky landscape.

In these images I’ve combined the above-mentioned factors in simple balanced conventional flag designs which are uniquely Australian.


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